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308 East Historic 66
United States


Repair Prices and Policies


Standard Repair

For most repairs, the standard rate is $25 per half hour, plus cost of parts.

If we determine in the process of repair that we cannot finish the repair, there will be no charge.  


If you'd like us to restring your guitar, bass, violin or viola, we would be happy do that for you. It's only $10 plus the cost of new strings. 


Guitar Repair & maintenance

  • New saddle

  • Intonation adjustment

  • Tuning machine installation

  • Neck reset

  • Acoustic pickguard repair

  • Bridge installation

  • Pickup installation

  • Preamp installation

  • Custom electric wiring

  • New nut

  • Headstock repair

  • Straplock installation


  • Adjust action

  • Adjust intonation

  • Check electronics

  • Pickup height adjustment

  • Complete cleaning

  • Restring

  • Final inspection

Band Instrument Repair & Maintenance


  • Remove all pads, key cork/felts, and neck cork

  • Clean and polish keys and neck

  • Straighten and swedge keys

  • Check pad cups for flatness

  • Fit pivot screws/posts

  • Perfect toneholes

  • Fit neck and receiver

  • Straighten body

  • Clean and polish body

  • Install new key corks, pads

  • Play, test, and adjust


  • Remove all corks, felts, water key pads, rotor bumpers

  • Clean and polish body, pistons, rotors

  • Clean and oil slide tubes

  • Clean interior

  • Measure valve/rotor port alignment and check with borescope

  • Reassemble with new corks, felts, water key pads, etc.

  • Play, test, and adjust